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Onsemi IGBT Modules Part #NFAM2065L4BT | IGBT | DEX

Onsemi IGBT Modules Part #NFAM2065L4BT | IGBT | DEX

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Onsemi IGBT Modules Part #NFAM2065L4BTThe IGBT’s are configured in a 3?phase bridge with separate emitter connections for the lower legs for maximum flexibility in the choice of control algorithm. The power stage has a full range of protection functions including cross?conduction protection, external shutdown and under?voltage lockout functions. An internal comparator and reference connected to the over?current protection circuit allows the designer to set the over?current protection level.

Three?phase IGBT Module with Integrated Drivers
Built?in Under Voltage Protection
Integrated Bootstrap Diodes and Resistors
Thermistor for Substrate Temperature Measurement

Typical Applications
Industrial Pumps
Industrial Fans
Industrial Automation

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