Apple Watches

Enjoy the convenience and class of an Apple Watch without the cost, thanks to DEX and our inventory of Apple products. As part of our consumer electronics flash sale, you’ll find new and renewed Series 3, 6, and 7 watches for a fraction of the cost you’d pay somewhere else, like  renewed Series 3 watches for under $50 and brand new Series 6 and 7 watches at 40%-50% off.

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Why Buy Your Apple Watch From DEX

From IT products to semiconductor chips, DEX specializes in repairing and refurbishing high-tech electronics. It’s what we do, and we’re really good at it, so purchasing your new or renewed Apple Watch from us just makes sense. Renewed Apple products we sell are tested, inspected, and cleaned by world-class technicians and engineers, in state-of-the-art facilities. 

Why Buy Previous Versions of an Apple Watch

By buying new or renewed older versions of an Apple Watch, you get just about all the features and function of later versions without the fuss of apps or updates you don’t need. They’re perfect for users who don’t need the latest operating system, don’t have access to a phone, or just want a solo device for basic functionality. They’re also great for first-time wearable users who just want to try one out before going bigger.

Even with an older version of an Apple Watch, you can still:

  • Sync your favorite playlists
  • Connect to Bluetooth and WiFi
  • Use Siri
  • Track and share daily activity
  • Stay connected
  • Access the information that’s important to you
  • Use Apple Pay*


*On select Series


Why Buy a Renewed Apple Watch

A renewed Apple Watch may have been purchased previously and worn by a prior customer, and it has been returned for a variety of reasons. The watch may be used or simply opened and returned unused as well. 

Before being resold, however, renewed products must be professionally inspected, tested, and cleaned by trusted, qualified suppliers. This ensures that a refurbished product will function just as well as a new one.

To pass DEX’s rigorous renewal process, Apple Watches must pass multiple software and hardware checks, as well as inspections on batteries and other components, and anything that is substandard in functionality will be replaced or the entire watch will be scrapped. 

Even if your Apple Watch is renewed, it will still retain features such as:

  • Secure Apple Pay capabilities*
  • Designs that are swim proof and dust, and water resistant*
  • Monitoring and sensing capabilities

*On select Series

A renewed Apple Watch from DEX will:

  • Function just like a new product
  • Be shipped safely and securely just like a new product
  • Include all necessary charging and connectivity cables
  • Be reset to factory defaults

A renewed Apple Watch from DEX may:

  • Arrive in generic packaging
  • Have minor cosmetic flaws or imperfections that do not impact function or overall appearance
  • Include accessories that are not original, but still compatible and fully functional

Trust DEX for Your Apple Watch

For more than 40 years, DEX has been a trusted partner in sourcing, repairing, and refurbishing electronic components across a range of industries. From healthcare and automotive to IT and consumer electronics, DEX delivers the customer service, competitive prices, and continued support you need to purchase with confidence.