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The automotive industry is at an inflection point. Global shortages in semiconductor chips and other electronic components, as well as new vulnerabilities in the supply chain, have disrupted one of the largest sectors of the economy and highlighted the necessity of more agile operations. Adding stress to automakers is the rapid shift to electric vehicles, or EVs–it’s estimated that by 2035, the largest automotive markets will be fully electric–and the evolution of autonomous driving systems, both of which are heavily dependent on the chips and electronic components already stalled in production and in high demand. What’s more, these changes are hardly optional if companies want to sustain their competitive advantage; laws set to take effect over the next ten years, including OEM-supported bans on internal combustion engine (ICE) sales, are a clear indication of the direction of the market, and leave little room for hesitation in inventory planning and management.

So what does this mean for your automotive and electronic component operations, especially parts like semiconductor chips and electronic assemblies?

As demand increases, supply chains become more exposed to disruption, and shortages and backlogs become the norm, you need capabilities and services you can count on to source and maintain your critical component inventory. DEX provides alternative sourcing, global procurement, and proven processes to help you create resilient, reliable supply chain solutions that allow you to operate with confidence. We leverage 40+ years of engineering experience, as well as long-standing partnerships with a worldwide network of more than 450,000 trusted suppliers and major automotive manufacturers, to get you hard-to-find and high-demand parts, components, and semiconductor chips when you need them.* We can also deliver competitive pricing on bulk and individual items so you can protect your bottom line.



DEX sources, tests, and repairs automotive semiconductor and electronic assembly components like:

  • Image sensors, systems, and signal processors
  • Transceivers and system basis chips for monitoring and control
  • Synchronous buck converters and controllers
  • LDO regulators
  • Step-down converters and regulators
  • Multi-output power management IC
  • Power and barrier rectifiers
  • Electronic eFuses
  • Power MOSFETs
  • ESD protection devices
  • Transistors
  • Diodes
  • Amplifiers
  • Evaluation kits and boards

Our engineering, repair, and sourcing capabilities also include, but are not limited to:

  • Electronic dashboards
  • LED lights
  • Sensors
  • Battery electrical components
  • Cameras (internal and external)
  • Fuses
  • Door controller modules

Don’t see the component or part you need? There’s still a good chance we can help. Call today at 888-678-9208 to speak to a DEX representative and close the gaps in your supply strategy.

*You can’t wait years for your electronic components and semiconductors. DEX can source, test, and deliver many electronic components within weeks of a Purchase Order.



The Challenge for Automotive Companies

Today’s automotive industry is heavily dependent on technology-based electronic capabilities and components that are fluid, dynamic, and at risk of obsolescence, a result of aggressive and rapid development cycles and limited OEM support for user-end maintenance and out-of-production parts. What’s more, automakers have increasingly found themselves in precarious positions at the mercy of changing economic tides and world events. Not only does this make it difficult for you to maintain your critical components and your core functions, but it can add persistent uncertainty to your operations.

Sourcing, testing, and repair solutions from DEX can help you stay steady, reducing your dependency on long lead times, price swings, and constant reinvention to ensure you keep moving forward while keeping pace with technology and innovation. We have the resources to adapt and respond effectively to an ever-changing automotive environment in ways that improve the profitability and agility of your business.

Stay focused on your strategic and tactical goals–not supply chain issues–with services from DEX like: 

  • Rapid shipping and receiving, so you can get your parts in a matter of weeks, not months
  • Rigorous, best-in-class testing and screening to ensure the quality, authenticity, and functionality of certified and warrantied parts
  • Reverse engineering, manufacturing, and remanufacturing services, as well as rebuild, repair, and refurbishment expertise, from a skilled and experienced team of engineers

Rely on DEX to Meet Your Automotive Component Needs

Don’t let shortages in electronic automotive components hold your operations back. With DEX you can keep pace with technology and market demand without sacrificing quality or going over budget. Backed by more than four decades of experience and top-tier training and certification, DEX provides the engineering core competencies, reliable supply chain solutions, and commitment to quality that defines exceptional service.

Call us today at 888-678-9208 and find out how we can build resilience and agility into your automotive operations.


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