DEX - An Organization Providing Chip & Semiconductor Solutions

DEX - An Organization Providing Chip & Semiconductor Solutions



DEX, located in Camarillo, California, was established in 1980 as a company focused on providing engineering and repair solutions to the tech industry. Throughout 41 years, the company has been able to globally expand its operations and trade partnerships. Today, DEX is providing both computer chip and semiconductor solutions to the recent world shortage of both semiconductors and computer chips. DEX is able to do this from developing exclusive trade privileges around the globe. Individual and wholesale buyers can see DEX’s available chip and semiconductor collection available online at


Why Should I Care?

How The Global Computer Chip Shortage Happened - YouTube

If you are in the market to trade in your run-down old car or outdated mobile phone for the latest up to date, June 2021, models, then you may have noticed skyrocketing prices for any product that uses computer chips or semiconductors. From kitchen appliances to military equipment, all modern-day electronic devices utilize both computer chips and semiconductors. The cause for high prices relates to a world shortage of semiconductor and computer chip production.

When & How Did This Happen?


According to CNN Business’s, online article , the 2019 coronavirus pandemic is the root cause for the global shortage of computer chips and semiconductors. The pandemic caused  a global economic recession that forced major computer chip and semiconductor manufacturers mainly NXP, Infineon, Samsung and the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, to halt pre-pandemic production efforts. The companies shut down global plants and let off thousands of employees. Today, the manufacturing companies have not announced plans to rehire employees or open closed global plants. This has caused a massive global-scaled production delay of computer chips and semiconductors. With the global economy attempting to begin recovery efforts, the demand for computer chips and semiconductors has gone up since the beginning of the pandemic. Low supply and high demand with no plans to meet the high supply demand by computer chip and semiconductor manufacturers is what caused the current computer chip and semiconductor shortage. Since the supply is almost non-existent, the cost for computer chips and semiconductors prices have gone above and beyond what consumers and enterprises can afford.

How Does This Affect My Life?

According to CNN business’s online report, the automobile manufacturingRising Prices Ahead industry needs around 50 to 150 chips and semiconductors in order to build just one car. The heightened price of computer chips and semiconductors for enterprise use in manufacturing consumer goods has been passed to down to consumers themselves. Consumers are just beginning to enter the market and are not able to afford the price hikes to upgrade their phone or buy a new car. The lack of consumer purchases of new electronics has harmed enterprises to the extent of raising the entire CPI for other goods like food and gas.     

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