Featured Medical Gradient Amplifiers

Medical Gradient Amplifiers

Medical applications like MRI scanning and proton therapy require preciseness in power, control, and positioning. Gradient amplifiers provide the high power necessary to generate variable position and time-dependent magnetic fields critical to processes like MRIs, doing so with excellent stability, wide bandwidth, and low noise levels for the clearest imaging possible.

Gradient amplifiers are available in a variety of models, featuring either a single axis for configuration into an existing system or three axes, in cabinets complete with power supplies. They can also be air or liquid-cooled.

Whether through testing and checking repaired or refurbished parts or by sourcing new replacement parts, DEX ensures your medical gradient amplifiers maintain precision current control as well as high levels of stability, reliability, and repeatability.

DEX can help extend the life of your legacy products or maintain new ones with components like:

  • IGBT modules
  • Spare parts
  • Internal power supplies
  • External power supplies
  • Power interfaces
  • Control and power electronics

Leveraging a global database of thousands of trusted suppliers, as well as more than four decades of experience supporting the medical industry and best-in-class engineering capabilities, DEX delivers the parts and services you need for even hard-to-find or out-of-production models from brands like:

  • ACGD
  • SGA
  • HFA
  • Quantum
  • Papillion
  • SGD
  • Popeye
  • XL
  • XXL

And, DEX can do it all in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of OEMs. With our comprehensive Parts Sourcing Solution, we can source screened, tested, certified, and warrantied parts from a worldwide network, for faster fill rates, guaranteed quality, and decreased cycle time. We can also reverse engineer, rebuild, and remanufacture components to optimize product life expectancy and minimize waste, reducing your replacement costs by as much as 70% and completing most repairs within 10 days.

Top Industry Use Cases for Gradient Amplifiers

Gradient amplifiers are ideal for tasks in laboratory and medical settings that require power amplification, such as:

  • Nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Material analysis
  • Dynamic scanning
  • Particle analysis in accelerators
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Custom medical research with magnetic fields
  • Particle beam therapy
  • MRI Pre-clinicals

Quality Parts for Your Medical Gradient Amplifiers from DEX

Get guaranteed performance from your medical gradient amplifiers with guaranteed parts from DEX. Not only can we help you repair or replace faulty components, but we can also help with long term strategies and decisions, such as whether to modify, retrofit, refurbish, or entirely replace your equipment, making sure your gradient amplifiers are functioning safely and reliably for as long as possible.

From resilient supply chain solutions and state-of-the-art parts certification to cutting-edge technology, DEX delivers the trusted support you need with the exceptional customer service you deserve. Call us today at 888-678-9208 to find out more.

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