Featured Power Driver Modules

Power Driver Modules

Power driver modules—or simply power or power electronic modules—are discrete semiconductors that serve to physically contain several power semiconductor devices. Power modules provide an easy way to cool the devices and connect them to an outer circuit and are integrated into isolated-base packages for a broad spectrum of frequently used SCR, diode, and SCR/diode circuit configurations and ratings.

Power modules share many qualities with diodes and are thermally and mechanically optimized for long lifespans, reliable operation, and ease of assembly, making them useful as power switching or control circuit elements in everything from medical electronics and motor starters to power supplies, HVAC/heater controls, and appliances.

Leveraging a global network of suppliers and manufacturers, DEX can source even obsolete, end-of-life, and hard-to-find power driver modules. We make meeting your power driver module requirements fast, easy, and reliable with in-stock inventory, online purchasing, and datasheets, and DEX can fill most orders in as little as 8-12 weeks, a fraction of the current market standard.*

*DEX can source, test, and deliver many electronic components in as little as 8-12 weeks of a Purchase Order.

Partner with DEX for Your Power Driver Modules

With best-in-class testing, rigorous authentication, and more than 40 years of experience as a trusted open-source supplier, partnering with some of the largest manufacturers in the world, DEX can source, test, and deliver all types of power driver modules including:

IGBTs, which combine the simple gate-driven characteristics of MOSFETs with the high-current, low saturation voltage capacity of bipolar transistors. IGBT power driver modules are best suited for medium to high power applications.

MOSFETs, which provide a higher communication speed and better efficiency at lower voltage as compared to other power semiconductor devices. MOSFET power driver modules are capable of conducting in the opposite direction and best used in low voltage applications.

DEX tests all of our electronic components, including power driver modules, for functional, visual, and parametric measures as well as functionality, performance, and authenticity, all to ensure that the critical parts you order are the ones you receive.

Top Industry Use Cases for Power Driver Modules

Not only are power driver modules stable, simple, and easy to use, but they enable fast time-to-market and can achieve high-power density. Power driver modules are commonly used in:

  • Transportation technology
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Computer and peripheral equipment
  • Medical and biotechnology
  • Consumer electronics
  • Industrial electronics
  • Defense and space

The DEX Difference for Your Power Driver Modules

From engineering core competencies and top-tier certifications to world-class support and service, DEX delivers more than just power driver modules. We have the proven systems, product expertise, and logistical resources to help your business build reliable, resilient supply chain solutions that reduce both uncertainty and dependence on market inconsistencies. And, with options for bulk purchasing and long-term partnerships, DEX helps give you the competitive advantage that keeps you ahead. Contact us today to find out more or to place your order.

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