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  • Electronic Component Shortage: Specialized Vendors are the Answer

    Many Electronic Industry Leaders and analysts state that we will continue to see massive deficits up through 2023. It is for this reason that companies cannot wait for this problem to resolve itself. We are in for a long haul, and companies must find new vendors that can find the components they need to avoid losses.
  • DEX - An Organization Providing Chip & Semiconductor Solutions

    Throughout 41 years, the company has been able to globally expand its operations and trade partnerships. Today, DEX is providing both computer chip and semiconductor solutions to the recent world shortage.
  • Back to School | 2021-2022

    The 2020-2021 school year is almost over. Many schools are still remote or doing a hybrid schedule, but what will next year look like? As the schools and universities plan for graduations and for the upcoming year many things are being considered when it comes to Covid-19 safety measures. Will mask wearing continue to be a mandatory? Will social distancing remain 6ft resulting in limited class sizes? Will students over 16 be required to show a Covid-19 Vaccination record?
  • Reopening your Business

    Over the last year many once lucrative small and large businesses closed forever. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 has left its mark on the economy and society, but as world slowly reopens its doors the question many of us have right now is, ‘What kind of ‘new-normal’ will this be?’ What restrictions will stay and what will be relaxed? How will these changes affect the businesses that did somehow survive?
  • Covid-19 Vaccination | Should I Still Wear a Mask?

    Welcome to the light ladies and gentlemen. It seems we are finally breaking out of this cage that is the Covid-19 pandemic. We have all been stuck inside and restricted for over a year now. It sounds very satisfying to just take those masks, throw them in the fire and happily watch them burn. But before you strike that match, we have some things for you to think about. Here are some reasons for delaying your mask bonfire and to continue your faithful mask wearing for just little while longer…