IGBT Shortage: How to Protect Your Train Fleet. What You Need to Know

IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors) are used in trains. They are used in traction inverters, which convert the DC power from the batteries or the overhead line to the AC power that drives the traction motors. IGBTs have several advantages over other transistors, such as high efficiency, fast switching speed, and low power losses. This makes them ideal for traction inverters, where efficiency and performance are critical.

IGBTs have been used in trains for many years, and they are now the standard technology for traction inverters. They have helped to improve the efficiency and performance of trains, and they have also made trains more environmentally friendly.

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Here are some of the benefits of using IGBTs in trains:

  • Higher efficiency: IGBTs are more efficient than other transistors, which wastes less energy. This can significantly reduce the amount of energy a train uses, which can save money and reduce emissions.
  • Faster switching speed: IGBTs can switch much faster than other types of transistors, which allows them to control the speed of the traction motors more precisely. This can improve the train's performance and make it more responsive to the driver's commands.
  • Lower power losses: IGBTs have lower power losses than other transistors, generating less heat. This can help to keep the train cooler, which can improve the reliability of the traction system.

Overall, IGBTs are a very effective technology for use in traction
inverters. They offer several advantages over other types of transistors, and
they have helped improve the efficiency, performance, and reliability of

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