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Reopening your Business

Wholesale Facemasks

Wholesale Face Masks

What you need to know about reopening your business after the covid-19 pandemic.

Over the last year many once lucrative small and large businesses closed forever. There is no doubt that the Covid-19 has left its mark on the economy and society, but as world slowly reopens its doors the question many of us have right now is, ‘What kind of ‘new-normal’ will this be?’ What restrictions will stay and what will be relaxed? How will these changes affect the businesses that did somehow survive?

Wholesale Face Masks

Movie theaters, restaurants and other businesses are slowly allowing people to come indoors in small numbers, with masks in most cases. The process of reopening for these businesses is a complicated one. The more people get vaccinated, the more activities people are going to want to be able to take part in. But to ensure the safety of everyone involved new regulations are being enforced.

Let us look at what movie theaters are implementing. According to Matt Donnelly from Variety, “As soon as you get that popcorn, you want to jump right in, but you’ve got to wait until you sit down to start enjoying those snacks,” Gualtieri said. Condiments will be pre-packed and contained (no self-serve butter for your popcorn, which is, frankly, better for you) (March 2021).” Those are just the simple things being enforced.

Many movie theaters are using a fog disinfectant machines to get every nook and cranny. Movie theaters and other entertainment businesses are also restricting the number of people they allow in and have buffer seating. How long these policies will stick around is unknown, but it will likely take the same path as airlines and slowly do away with the number restrictions and the buffer seats. As for the self-serve stations, it might be out of service for while longer. However, the plexiglass and touch-free paying could be around for good. In truth, what is wrong with a little protection, even from the flu?

Wholesale Face Masks

As for restaurants, adapting to Covid-19 restrictions has been tough. Many once successful restaurants have closed forever over the last year. The ones that made it through have embraced curbside pick-up, plexiglass, PPE for employees, electronic menus (these are great investments), outdoor dining and lower compacity. As more and more people get vaccinated the restrictions for compacity for indoor dinner will surely be lifted, but the other policies will be around for a for the foreseeable future. Even after the public is ‘allowed’ to be mask-free, restaurants may want to continue with their practices just to make their customers feel comfortable well into 2022.

When it comes to small shops of various kinds we’ve also since many efforts to protect themselves and their customers. They have been restricting compacity, using plexiglass, doing temperature checks, and offering sanitizer. These small shops will likely be able to relax things the most but keeping the PPE and sanitizer around would be a smart choice through the rest of 2021 and into the next year.

Ultimately, society will bloom again, and people will be able to get back to work this year, as so many hoped, but there will remain some reminders of the pandemic. Masks will continue to be standard attire and plexiglass will stay a ‘normal’ checkout feature for a majority of businesses. 




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