IT & Complex Technology Solutions

IT & Complex Technology Solutions

DEX solutions for IT and complex technologies are designed to effectively respond to one of the most dynamic, innovative and ever-changing industries. Considering consumer expectations for more advanced products, shrinking cycle times, shortened lead times, and the need for more cost effective options when parts become unavailable, DEX solutions work to improve agility, boost responsiveness and increase profitability.

With decades of hands on experience in outsourced electronics repair, DEX is able to build on core competencies to enhance workflow processes and failure data analysis, to produce higher repair yields and reduce the number of NFF (No Fault Found) returns.

DEX is ISO certified 9001:2000, 13485:2003, 14001, and warranties quality on all repair and parts services.


Main Boards / Motherboards Passive Components Hard Disk Drives Projectors Scanners
NIC Cards Active Components CDR/RW Uninterruptable Power Supplies Printers
Controller Cards DISPLAYS Blue Ray DVR Boxes/ Set top boxes Keyboard/ Mouse
Video Cards CRT DVD Drives Connectors Routers
Audio Cards LCD Panels Floppy Drives Batteries Hubs
Circuit Boards LED Tape Drives Linear switching devices Switches
WHOLE UNITS Projectors Flash Memory Transmission Equipment Base Stations
Laptops Terminals Switching Equipment
Desktops Access Equipment
Mini Mainframes IP & Telephony
Servers (Mid-Ran)