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The NIOSH N95 mask is available at in a wide variety of quantities for use by individuals, smaller dental or medical offices or large hospital settings. These N95 masks, also known as N95 respirators, are approved for medical use and are the most common particulate-filtering facepiece mask/respirator used when treating patients, reducing exposure to harmful particles and preventing the spread of infectious diseases like Covid.  NIOSH approved N95 masks are listed on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) list of approved masks/respirators . Buyers can choose from boxes of 20, a case of 400, or a megacase of 1 million NIOSH N95 masks.  The NIOSH N95 mask is also available in small sizes in quantities of 20, 25 or a case of 500.  These FDA approved NIOSH N95 masks feature a 95% filter efficiency level and are effective against particulate aerosols free from oil. The manufacturer is Zioantao Zhong, model ZYB-11 for the regular size masks and ALG Health, model PT N95 CS-02 for the smaller size masks. These NIOSH N95 masks have a cup design style with a snug fit, adjustable nosepiece and have a smooth soft lining. The face to mask sealing edge design minimizes inhaled air leakage at the edges. Head straps are designed for a tight, but comfortable fit. Though designed to be used for single use in normal times, there are some methods being studied that would allow the user to safely wear more than once. These methods include UV Radiation, 70 degree Celsius heat, 70% ethanol and vaporized hydrogen peroxide.  However, until the time comes when you can safely assure that it is safe to reuse, take stock now and order the NIOSH N95 mask quantity you need to assure you do not run out of the protection your team needs, especially as we go through this Covid pandemic. Visit to order today.

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