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The Cassette Tray is primarily used in digital radiographic systems. The functions of the cassette tray are to provide convenient insertion and removal of film cassettes into the X-ray beam for radiographic procedures and help to center the film and hold it securely in the X-ray beam. In addition to this, the Cassette Size Sensing (CSS) tray sends a signal to the collimator Positive Beam Limitation (PBL) system indicating whether a film cassette is in place, if so the cassette size is indicated. The cassette is centered automatically with a manually operated clamping mechanism. This mechanism is capable of holding all compatible cassettes securely during normal clinical use in all horizontal and vertical positions, provided the surface of the clamping lock which is in contact with the cassette is kept free for lubricant or oils. No special tool is required to insert or remove any compatible cassette. A positive stop is provided to prevent the tray from being pulled completely out of the holder during normal operation in all the positions of the tray. The weight of the tray should not exceed 14.5 pounds. A handle is provided for easy insertion and removal of the tray.


  • Product Category: X-Ray
  • OEM: General Electric
  • Part #: 2176788
  • Manually operating clamping mechanism
  • Convenient insertion and removal of film cassettes 


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