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Onsemi Trench Schottky Rectifier, Very Low Leakage, 60V, 5A Part #NRVTS560ETFS | Rectifiers | DEX

Onsemi Trench Schottky Rectifier, Very Low Leakage, 60V, 5A Part #NRVTS560ETFS | Rectifiers | DEX

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The NRVTS560ETFS is Very Low Leakage Trench-based Schottky Rectifier. This new technology allows low forward voltage drop without the high reverse leakage tradeoff experienced with planar Schottky rectifiers. This platform also provides very stable switching characteristics over a wide temperature range and is an ideal output rectifier for switching power supplies. 


  • Fine Lithography Trench-based Schottky Technology for Very Low Leakage
  • Fast Switching with Exceptional Temperature Stability
  • Low Power Loss and Lower Operating Temperature
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Higher Efficiency for Achieving Regulatory Compliance
  • High Surge Capability
  • NRV Prefix for Automotive and Other Applications Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AECQ101 Qualified and PPAP Capable
  • Wettable Flanks (WF in PM Suffix) Option Available for Enhanced Automated Optical Inspection (AoI)
  • These are Pb-Free and Halide-Free Devices



        • Reduced risk of thermal run away
        • Suitable for high frequency operation
        • Improved thermal management
        • Improved thermal management



        • Switching Power Supplies including Wireless, Smartphone and Notebook Adapters
        • High Frequency and DC−DC Converters
        • Freewheeling and OR−ing diodes
        • Reverse Battery Protection
        • Instrumentation


        End Products

        • Automotive LED lighting
        • Adapter
        • ADAS




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