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GE Highlander CEM 650PS Time Stamp, Part # 5127006

GE Highlander CEM 650PS Time Stamp, Part # 5127006

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This Highlander Cassette Electronics Module (H-CEM) board is located in the Raptor chassis inside the Gantry framework or platform. It is powered with an FPGA-based softcore micro-controller that receives commands from the external world and performs various tasks related to single acquisition and calibration. A collection of 24 block electronics into a single Printed Wiring Assembly (PWA) is called an H-CEM and the collection of H-CEM™s in the raptor chassis is called cassette electronics. The H-CEM assembly is made of high-temperature FR-4 material, designed with a forced convection cooling system for heat loads of up to 65W per assembly. This H-CEM board serves as the detector block and is used with Discovery ST (8, 16 and 128 Slice) and Discovery STE (8 and 16 Slice) PET/CT systems.

Additional Features

Reliable performance

Flammability Rating of 94V-0

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