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IC, RTC 5V 64-BIT Y2KC 24-DIP D/C MFG<2014, DS1687-5+

IC, RTC 5V 64-BIT Y2KC 24-DIP D/C MFG<2014, DS1687-5+

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 Incorporates Industry-Standard DS1287 PC
Clock plus Enhanced Features Such as Y2K
 +3V or +5V Operation
 64-Bit Silicon Serial Number
 Power-Control Circuitry Supports System
Power-On from Date/Time Alarm or Key
 32kHz Output for Power Management
 Crystal-Select Bit Allows RTC to Operate with
6pF or 12.5pF Crystal
 SMI Recovery Stack
 242 Bytes Battery-Backed NV RAM
 Auxiliary Battery Input
 RAM Clear Input
 Century Register
 Date Alarm Register
 Compatible with Existing BIOS for Original
DS1287 Functions
 Available as Chip (DS1685) or Stand-Alone
Encapsulated DIP (EDIP) with Embedded
Battery and Crystal (DS1687)
 Timekeeping Algorithm Includes Leap-Year
Compensation Valid Through 2099
 Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Recognized

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