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Infineon LED Driver IC, Part #BCR450E6327HTSA1 | Driver | DEX

Infineon LED Driver IC, Part #BCR450E6327HTSA1 | Driver | DEX

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Infineon LED Driver IC, Part #BCR450E6327HTSA1 | Driver | DEX features: • Low voltage drop across sense resistor, 0.15 V typical • High output current precision • Operating voltage fro 8 to 27 V • Over voltage protection • Overtemperature current foldback and Thermal shut down function • Adjustable Constant LED Current up to 85 mA in stand alone operation • Precise Internal bandgap enables High output current accuracy • Up to 2.5 A LED current possible by using external transistor • EN Input for PWM LED brightness control and On/Off control • Very Low Standby Current • Minimum number of external components required, no inductors • Very small SC-74 package: 2.9 mm x 2.5 mm x 1.1 mm

Benefits: • High level of colour control due to high output current precision • Small space requirement • No electro- magnetic interference • Active thermal monitoring of chip and LED temperature with current fold- back to avoid thermal overstress • Low cost device • Scalable output stage optimizing cost and space




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