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Infineon MCU 16-Bit XE166 Part #SAF-XE164FM-72F80LAA | Flash | DEX

Infineon MCU 16-Bit XE166 Part #SAF-XE164FM-72F80LAA | Flash | DEX

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Infineon MCU 16-Bit XE166 CISC/DSP/RISC 576KB Flash 3.3V/5V 100-Pin LQFP EP SAF-XE164FM-72F80LAA

High-performance CPU with five-stage pipeline and MPU
– 12.5 ns instruction cycle at 80 MHz CPU clock (single-cycle execution)
– One-cycle 32-bit addition and subtraction with 40-bit result
– One-cycle multiplication (16 × 16 bit)
– Background division (32 / 16 bit) in 21 cycles
– One-cycle multiply-and-accumulate (MAC) instructions
– Enhanced Boolean bit manipulation facilities
– Zero-cycle jump execution
– Additional instructions to support HLL and operating systems
– Register-based design with multiple variable register banks
– Fast context switching support with two additional local register banks
– 16 Mbytes total linear address space for code and data
– 1024 Bytes on-chip special function register area (C166 Family compatible)
– Integrated Memory Protection Unit (MPU)




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