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Intel Altera Stratix IV FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array part # EP4SE360F35I4G

Intel Altera Stratix IV FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array part # EP4SE360F35I4G

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Altera® Stratix® IV FPGAs deliver a breakthrough level of system bandwidth and power efficiency for high-end applications, allowing you to innovate without compromise. Stratix IV FPGAs are based on the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) 40-nm process technology and surpass all other high-end FPGAs, with the highest logic density, most transceivers, and lowest power requirements.

The following list summarizes the Stratix IV device family features:

  • Up to 48 full-duplex CDR-based transceivers in Stratix IV GX and GT devices supporting data rates up to 8.5 Gbps and 11.3 Gbps, respectively
  • Dedicated circuitry to support physical layer functionality for popular serial protocols, such as PCI Express (PCIe) (PIPE) Gen1 and Gen2, Gbps Ethernet (GbE), Serial RapidIO, SONET/SDH, XAUI/HiGig, (OIF) CEI-6G, SD/HD/3G-SDI, Fibre Channel, SFI-5, and Interlaken
  • Complete PCIe protocol solution with embedded PCIe hard IP blocks that implement PHY-MAC layer, Data Link layer, and Transaction layer functionality
  • Programmable transmitter pre-emphasis and receiver equalization circuitry to compensate for frequency-dependent losses in the physical medium
  • Typical physical medium attachment (PMA) power consumption of 100 mW at 3.125 Gbps and 135 mW at 6.375 Gbps per channel
  • 72,600 to 813,050 equivalent LEs per device
  • 7,370 to 33,294 Kb of enhanced TriMatrix memory consisting of three RAM block sizes to implement true dual-port memory and FIFO buffers
  • High-speed digital signal processing (DSP) blocks configurable as 9 x 9-bit, 12 x 12-bit, 18 x 18-bit, and 36 x 36-bit full-precision multipliers at up to 600 MHz
  • Up to 16 global clocks (GCLK), 88 regional clocks (RCLK), and 132 periphery clocks (PCLK) per device
  • Programmable power technology that minimizes power while maximizing device performance
  • Up to 1,120 user I/O pins arranged in 24 modular I/O banks that support a wide range of single-ended and differential I/O standards
  • Support for high-speed external memory interfaces including DDR, DDR2, DDR3 SDRAM, RLDRAM II, QDR II, and QDR II+ SRAM on up to 24 modular I/O banks
  • High-speed LVDS I/O support with serializer/deserializer (SERDES), dynamic phase alignment (DPA), and soft-CDR circuitry at data rates up to 1.6 Gbps
  • Support for source-synchronous bus standards, including SGMII, GbE, SPI-4 Phase 2 (POS-PHY Level 4), SFI-4.1, XSBI, UTOPIA IV, NPSI, and CSIX-L1
  • Pinouts for Stratix IV E devices designed to allow migration of designs from Stratix III to Stratix IV E with minimal PCB impact

Intel Altera Stratix IV FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array part # EP4SE360F35I4G


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