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Microchip Technology IC Opamp Amplifier Part #MCP6G02T-E/MS | IC | DEX

Microchip Technology IC Opamp Amplifier Part #MCP6G02T-E/MS | IC | DEX

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Microchip Technology IC Opamp Amplifier Part #MCP6G02T-E/MS

The Microchip Technology Inc. MCP6G01/1R/1U/2/3/4 are analog Selectable Gain Amplifiers (SGA). They can be configured for gains of +1 V/V, +10 V/V, and +50 V/V through the Gain Select input pin(s). The Chip Select pin on the MCP6G03 can put it into shutdown to conserve power. These SGAs are optimized for single supply applications requiring reasonable quiescent current and speed. The single amplifiers MCP6G01, MCP6G01R, MCP6G01U, and MCP6G03, are available in 5-pin SOT-23 package and the dual amplifier MCP6G02, are available in 8-pin SOIC and MSOP packages. The quad amplifier MCP6G04 is available in 14-pin SOIC and TSSOP packages. All parts are fully specified from -40°C to +125°C.


  • 3 Gain Selections:
    • +1, +10, +50 V/V
  • One Gain Select Input per Amplifier
  • Rail-to-Rail Input and Output
  • Low Gain Error: ±1% (max.)
  • High Bandwidth: 250 kHz to 900 kHz (typ.)
  • Low Supply Current: 110 µA (typ.)
  • Single Supply: 1.8V to 5.5V
  • Extended Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C

Typical Applications

  • A/D Converter Driver
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Metering
  • Digital Cameras




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