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Mitsubishi IGBT Insulated Gate Part #CM900HG-130X | IGBT | DEX

Mitsubishi IGBT Insulated Gate Part #CM900HG-130X | IGBT | DEX

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Mitsubishi IGBT Insulated Gate Part #CM900HG-130X

Mitsubishi Electric High Voltage (HV) IGBT modules provide drive circuit size reduction, system weight reduction, and improved efficiency. They are ideal for use in power electronics equipment, such as traction and large industrial machines.



  • Power loss reduced by incorporating Mitsubishi Electric's 7th generation CSTBT IGBT and RFC Diode technology
  • Industry-leading power for increased inverter capacity
  • External size reduced by 33% while maintaining the same voltage resistance and rated current as conventional products
  • Optimal package internal structure realizes improved heat dissipation, humidity resistance and flame retardance




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