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Parker O-Ring Check Valve Poppet Valve Part #4A-CO4L-25-V-SS | O-Ring | DEX

Parker O-Ring Check Valve Poppet Valve Part #4A-CO4L-25-V-SS | O-Ring | DEX

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Parker’s CO Series Check Valves are designed for high integrity, leak proof systems with uni-directional flow control of critical fluids and gases up to 6,000 PSI (414 BAR). 

• Seal integrity across the seat and to atmosphere is tested to 4 x 10-9 std atm-cc/sec (4 x 10-10 kPa – L/sec) for the CO4L with fluorocarbon rubber seals. All other sizes and seal materials are tested to 1 x 10-5 std   tm-cc/sec (1 x 10-6 kPa – L/sec).
• Special seat seal design provides a repeatable high integrity seal and accurate cracking pressures
• 100% factory tested. Cracking pressures include:
• 1/3, 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 psi.
• Valves are available with male and female NPT, CPI™, A-LOK®, UltraSeal, male and female VacuSeal, and Tube Adapter ends
• Heat code traceability
• Color coded identification labels indicate seal material

• Fill systems
• Back Flow Preventers



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