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Onsemi EEPROM Serial 16-Kb Part #CAT24AA16 | EEPROM | DEX

Onsemi EEPROM Serial 16-Kb Part #CAT24AA16 | EEPROM | DEX

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The CAT24AA04/24AA08 are 4−Kb and 8−Kb CMOS Serial EEPROM devices internally organized as 512x8/1024x8 bits. They feature a 16−byte page write buffer and support 100 kHz, 400 kHz and 1 MHz I2C protocols. In contrast to the CAT24C04/24C08, the CAT24AA04/24AA08 have no external address pins, and are therefore suitable in applications that require a single CAT24AA04/08 on the I2C bus.



  • Standard and Fast I2C Protocol Compatible
  • Supports 1 MHz Clock Frequency
  • 1.7 V to 5.5 V Supply Voltage Range
  • 16−Byte Page Write Buffer
  • Hardware Write Protection for Entire Memory
  • Schmitt Triggers and Noise Suppression Filters on I2C Bus Inputs (SCL and SDA)
  • Low Power CMOS Technology
  • 1,000,000 Program/Erase Cycles
  • 100 Year Data Retention
  • Industrial Temperature Range
  • TSOT−23 5−lead and SOIC 8−lead Packages
  • These Devices are Pb−Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free, and RoHS Compliant




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