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Onsemi Image Sensor Part #MT9V024-D | Sensor | DEX

Onsemi Image Sensor Part #MT9V024-D | Sensor | DEX

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The MT9V024 is a 1/3−inch wide−VGA format CMOS active−pixel digital image sensor with global shutter and high dynamic range (HDR) operation. The sensor has specifically been designed to support the demanding interior and exterior automotive imaging needs, which makes this part ideal for a wide variety of imaging applications in real−world environments.


  • Array Format: Wide−VGA, Active 752 H x 480 V (360,960 pixels)
  • Global Shutter Photodiode Pixels; Simultaneous Integration and Readout
  • RGB Bayer, Monochrome, or RCCC: NIR Enhanced Performance for Use with Non−visible NIR Illumination
  • Readout Modes: Progressive or Interlaced
  • Shutter Efficiency: >99%
  • Simple Two−Wire Serial Interface
  • Real−Time Exposure Context Switching−Dual Register Set
  • Register Lock Capability
  • Window Size: User Programmable to Any Smaller Format (QVGA, CIF, QCIF). Data Rate Can Be Maintained Independent of Window Size
  • Binning: 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 of The Full Resolution
  • ADC: On−Chip, 10−bit Column−Parallel (Option to Operate in 12−bit to 10−bit Compounding Mode)
  • Automatic Controls: Auto Exposure Control (AEC) and Auto Gain Control (AGC); Variable Regional and Variable Weight AEC/ AGC
  • Support for Four Unique Serial Control Register IDs to Control Multiple Imagers on the Same Bus 
  • Data Output Formats: Single Sensor Mode: 10−bit Parallel/Stand−Alone 8−bit or 10−bit Serial LVDS
  • Stereo Sensor Mode: Interspersed 8−bit Serial LVDS
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Mode


  • Automotive
  • Unattended Surveillance
  • Stereo Vision
  • Smart vision
  • Automation
  • Video as input
  • Machine vision




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