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Onsemi Rain and Light Sensor Interface with SPI Part #NCV76124 | Sensor | DEX

Onsemi Rain and Light Sensor Interface with SPI Part #NCV76124 | Sensor | DEX

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The NCV76124 is an interface chip for rain and light detection in automotive applications. It measures external photodiode currents that represent rain and light signals, and transfers the converted signals to a master microcontroller on request via the SPI interface. The rain measurement data can be used to control the rain wipers. The light intensity signals can be used for e.g. brightness control of displays, the headlamp control and others. Thanks to the SPI programmability, one single hardware configuration can support various applications.



  • Periodic Measurement of 4 (optionally 5) Light Sensor Signals and of 2 (optionally 1) Rain Sensor Signals with Environmental Light Cancellation Circuitry
  • Programmable Gain Trans Impedance Amplifiers for signal measurement
  • Watchdog functionality and diagnostic circuitry compliant to ASIL-B
  • Configurable Rain Pulse Current Amplitude, Timing and Repetition Rate
  • Standby and Sleep Modes with Low Current Consumption
  • AEC-Q100 Qualified and PPAP Capable
  • Device Temperature Measurement



  • High Versatility, low Microcontroller Code Complexity
  • Support High Dynamic Range for Optics
  • Enable ASIL-B compliant module design
  • Minimize Power Consumption for the desired Rain Signal Excitation



  • Rain sensor for wipers
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Front lighting
  • Head-up display


        End Products

        •  Rain-sensitive wipers
        • Automated headlight




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