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Samsung Capacitor | part #CL31B104KEHSFNE | Capacitor | DEX

Samsung Capacitor | part #CL31B104KEHSFNE | Capacitor | DEX

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Samsung Capacitor CL31B104KEHSFNE is the ratio of the change in an electric charge according to voltage change. Due to the fact that the capacitance may be subject to change with the measured voltage and frequency.  


  • A Normal MLCC temporarily charges and remove noise in electronic circuits, and is the most broadly available chip-type capacitor.  ‌
  • The product line allows realization of various sizes and a wide range of capacitance.  ‌
  • It also has the structural capacity to mount chips on a PCB at a high speed.
  •  This can be mounted between the solder balls to deal with thin devices or modules.
  • It can reduce the thickness of the module or be embedded inside the board to secure the mounting area.
  • It can quickly supply stable current to high-speed AP of mobile devices.
  • In addition it helps remove high-frequency noise, suffering less from external environmental stress
  • MLCC tremors can occur due to piezoelectric phenomena in electronic devices.
  • These tremors are transmitted to the substrate, causing the substrate to tremble, causing audible noise (20Hz~20kHz).
  • Low Acoustic Noise products are a solution that can effectively reduce this noise


  • Smart Phone, PC, HDD/SSD Board, Tablet, Display, Game Machine, DC-DC Converter




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