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SKIIP MODULE SKIIP3, Part #: 755784

SKIIP MODULE SKIIP3, Part #: 755784

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The SKiiP IPM product line sets a benchmark for high-performance and robust inverter designs. Both SKiiP 3 and SKiiP 4 feature high power densities combined with flexible cooling options, such as air and water cooling or customized heat sinks. Reliable driver technology, integrated current sensors, and comprehensive protection functions complete the IPM design.

SKiiP 3 is widely proliferated in the industrial drive segment. With its sixpack and half-bridge topologies, it covers a current range from 500A up to 2400A.

The SKiiP 4 is available in half-bridge topology, it has been optimized for highest power cycling requirements and covers the higher power range up to 3600A. It is the most powerful Intelligent Power Modules on the market.

SKiiP 4 increases reliability for demanding power cycling conditions thanks to silver sintering and High-Performance Cooler Technology. Extend operation lifetime with Sinter Technology, increases resilience to active and passive thermal cycling compared to a conventional solder approach. SKiiP 4 digital drivers reduce design complexity and costly components and provide safe isolation for both switching signals and parameter measurement. In addition to a high-reliability design, SKiiP 4 drivers also include CAN-bus functionality.


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