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Texas Instruments Power Switch IC's Part #LM3526M-H | Integrated Circuit | DEX

Texas Instruments Power Switch IC's Part #LM3526M-H | Integrated Circuit | DEX

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The LM3526 provides Universal Serial Bus standard power switch and over-current protection for all host port applications. The dual port device is ideal for Notebook and desktop PC's that supply power to more than one port. A 1 ms delay on the fault flag output prevents erroneous overcurrent reporting caused by in-rush currents during hot-plug events. The dual stage thermal protection circuit in the LM3526 provides individual protection to each switch and the entire device. In a short-circuit/over-current event, the switch dissipating excessive heat is turned off, allowing the second switch to continue to function uninterrupted. The LM3526 accepts an input voltage between 2.7V and 5.5V allowing use as a device-based in-rush current limiter for 3.3V USB peripherals, as well as Root and Self-Powered Hubs at 5.5V. The Enable  inputs accept both 3.3V and 5.0V logic thresholds. The small size, low RON, and 1 ms fault flag delay make the LM3526 a good choice for root hubs as well as per-port power control in embedded and stand-alone hubs.



  • Compatible with USB1.1 and USB 2.0
  • 1 ms Fault Flag Delay Filters Hot-Plug Events
  • Smooth Turn-on Eliminates In-rush Induced Voltage Drop
  • UL Recognized Component: REF# 205202
  • 1A Nominal Short Circuit Output Current 1A Nominal Short Circuit Output Current
  • Thermal Shutdown Protects Device in Direct Short Condition
  • 500mA Minimum Continuous Load Current
  • Small SOIC-8 package minimizes board space
  • Small SOIC-8 package minimizes board space
  • 140 mΩ Max. Switch Resistance
  • 1 µA Max. Standby Current
  • 200 µA Max. Operating Current
  • Under-voltage Lockout (UVLO)




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