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Texas Instruments Power Switch Ics - power distribution, Part #: TPS2HB50BQPWPRQ1 | Integrated Circuit | DEX

Texas Instruments Power Switch Ics - power distribution, Part #: TPS2HB50BQPWPRQ1 | Integrated Circuit | DEX

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Texas Instruments Power Switch Ics - power distribution, Part #: TPS2HB50BQPWPRQ1 is a dual-channel smart high-side switch intended for use in 12-V automotive systems. The device integrates robust protection and diagnostic features to ensure output port protection even during harmful events like short circuits in automotive systems. The device protects against faults through a reliable current limit, which, depending on device variant, is adjustable from 2 A to 18 A. The high current limit range allows for usage in loads that require large transient currents, while the low current limit range provides improved protection for loads that do not require high peak current. The device is capable of reliably driving various load profiles. The TPS2HB50-Q1 also provides a high accuracy analog current sense that allows for improved load diagnostics. By reporting load current and device temperature to a system MCU, the device enables predictive maintenance and load diagnostics that improves the system lifetime. The TPS2HB50-Q1 is available in a HTSSOP package which allows for reduced PCB footprint.

Features: • Qualified for automotive applications • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results: – Device temperature grade 1: TA = –40°C to 125°C ambient operating temperature range – Device HBM ESD classification level 2 – Device CDM ESD classification level C4B – Withstands 40-V load dump • Dual-channel smart high-side switch with 50-mΩ RON (TJ = 25°C) • Improve system level reliability through adjustable current limiting – Current limit adjustable from 2 A to 18 A • Robust integrated output protection: – Integrated thermal protection – Protection against short to ground/battery – Protection against reverse battery events including automatic switch on with reverse voltage – Automatic shut off if loss of battery/ground occurs – Integrated output clamp to demagnetize inductive loads – Configurable fault handling • Analog sense output can be configured to accurately measure: – Load current – Device temperature • Provides fault indication through SNS pin – Detection of open load and short-to-battery




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