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Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array - FPGA - part # XC5VFX70T-1FF1136C

Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array - FPGA - part # XC5VFX70T-1FF1136C

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The Spartan®-3 family of FPGA's is specifically designed to meet the needs of high volume, cost-sensitive consumer electronic applications. The eight-member family offers densities ranging from 50,000 to 5,000,000 system gates.


Low-cost, high-performance logic solution for high-volume, consumer-oriented applications

• Densities up to 74,880 logic cells

• SelectIO™ interface signaling

• Up to 633 I/O pins • 622+ Mb/s data transfer rate per I/O

• 18 single-ended signal standards

• 8 differential I/O standards including LVDS, RSDS

• Termination by Digitally Controlled Impedance

• Signal swing ranging from 1.14V to 3.465V

• Double Data Rate (DDR) support

• DDR, DDR2 SDRAM support up to 333 Mb/s

• Logic resources

• Abundant logic cells with shift register capability

• Wide, fast multiplexers • Fast look-ahead carry logic

• Dedicated 18 x 18 multipliers

• JTAG logic compatible with IEEE 1149.1/1532

• SelectRAM™ hierarchical memory

• Up to 1,872 Kbits of total block RAM

• Up to 520 Kbits of total distributed RAM

• Digital Clock Manager (up to four DCMs)

• Clock skew elimination

• Frequency synthesis

• High resolution phase shifting

• Eight global clock lines and abundant routing




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