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Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array - FPGA - part # XCMECH-FFG1517

Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array - FPGA - part # XCMECH-FFG1517

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Xilinx FPGA XCMECH-FFG1517 Benefits

• Increased quantity of devices per reel versus tubes improves cycle time and reduces
the amount of time to index spent tubes.
• Tape and reel packaging enables automated pick and place board assembly.
• Reels are uniform in size enabling equipment flexibility.
• Transparent cover tape allows device verification and orientation.
• Antistatic reel materials provides ESD protection.
• Carrier design include a pedestal to protect package leads during shipment.
• Bar code labels on each reel facilitate automated inventory control and component
• All tape and reel shipments include desiccant pouches and humidity indicators to
ensure products are safe from moisture.
• Compliant to Electronic Industries Association (EIA) 481. Material and Construction
Carrier Tape.
• The pocketed carrier tape is made of conductive polystyrene material, or equivalent,
with a surface resistivity level of less than 106 ohms per square inch.
• Devices are loaded “live bug” or leads down, into a device pocket.
• Each carrier pocket has a hole in the center for automated sensing of whether a unit is
in the pocket or not.



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