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Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array, Part #: XCR3032XL-7VQ44C| FPGA | DEX

Xilinx Field Programmable Gate Array, Part #: XCR3032XL-7VQ44C| FPGA | DEX

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• Fast Zero Power (FZP) design technique provides
ultra-low power and very high speed
- Typical Standby Current of 17 to 18 μA at 25°C
• Innovative CoolRunner™ XPLA3 architecture
combines high speed with extreme flexibility
• Based on industry's first TotalCMOS PLD — both
CMOS design and process technologies
• Advanced 0.35μ five layer metal EEPROM process
- 1,000 erase/program cycles guaranteed
- 20 years data retention guaranteed
• 3V, In-System Programmable (ISP) using JTAG IEEE
1149.1 interface
- Full Boundary-Scan Test (IEEE 1149.1)
- Fast programming times
• Support for complex asynchronous clocking
- 16 product term clocks and four local control term
clocks per function block
- Four global clocks and one universal control term
clock per device
• Excellent pin retention during design changes
• Available in commercial grade and extended voltage
(2.7V to 3.6V) industrial grade
• 5V tolerant I/O pins
• Input register setup time of 2.5 ns
• Single pass logic expandable to 48 product terms
• High-speed pin-to-pin delays of 5.0 ns
• Slew rate control per output
• 100% routable
• Security bit prevents unauthorized access
• Supports hot-plugging capability
• Design entry/verification using Xilinx or industry
standard CAE tools
• Innovative Control Term structure provides:
- Asynchronous macrocell clocking
- Asynchronous macrocell register preset/reset
- Clock enable control per macrocell
• Four output enable controls per function block
• Foldback NAND for synthesis optimization




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